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Executive Medical Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service covered by OHIP? If not, why is it not?2019-03-01T18:12:15+00:00

EMC services are administrative and are provided by qualified non-physician personnel such as our appointment specialists or Nurse Practitioner (who are not covered by OHIP). Medical services arranged through EMC are generally covered by OHIP, with certain exceptions, which should be paid directly by the client to the Medical Provider (not to EMC).

If we join EMC, do we need to leave our current family doctor?2019-02-21T22:07:07+00:00

No, Patients should stay with their family physician with whom they have a good relationship.  EMCs services are complimentary to our healthcare system, as it provides navigation to make it easier for patients to access the specialists and appointments they need with less hassle.

Can patients who do not use EMC services use the same medical specialists and services as EMC uses?2019-02-21T22:04:48+00:00

Yes they may. Such patients would need a referral from a physician and call those offices themselves to book the appointments (or coordinate through their referring physician’s office).

Does EMC guarantee faster access to specialists and/or diagnostic tests (such as MRI, CT)?2019-02-21T22:05:14+00:00

No we do not guarantee faster access. However, we have dedicated appointment specialists contacting various offices regularly looking for cancellations/openings which generally results in shorter wait times for appointments.

Can we purchase a one- time only use of the EMC service instead of joining for the entire year?2019-02-21T22:06:07+00:00

EMCs services are only offered on an annual basis.

If a client does not have a family doctor can EMC arrange one?2019-02-21T22:07:26+00:00

EMC does know of physicians who are accepting OHIP patients and EMC will make the introduction, however, EMC does not provide medical services. We do have contracts with various medical professionals including a nurse practitioner, who, although independent of EMC, are available to medically assess clients as required and make appropriate referrals as necessary.

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