The Executive Medical Navigation program assists busy executives and clients with the management of their health. Whether it is a minor illness or a major health concern, our program will help effectively coordinate the provision of client healthcare.

Benefits of Joining the Program

  • Personal case-management for registered clients by accessible personnel
  • Coordination of specialist appointments, diagnostic testing (either at home or abroad), paramedical services and prescription renewals
  • Assistance navigating the healthcare system and assessment of the best treatment options
  • Arrangement of nursing and other home-care services
  • After-hours and weekend telephone access to qualified medical staff

What to Expect

Our Executive Patient Coordinator will provide you with exceptional one-to-one service as your main point of contact.

Prior to the Welcome Appointment:

  • You will be asked to complete an enrollment form with your contact details. This form will also provide the terms and conditions of the Executive Medical Navigation program
  • We will then send a welcome e-mail together with a medical questionnaire to the enrolled client or executive, which allows our medical team to review all past medical history prior to the welcome appointment date
  • Clients will be provided with the contact details for their assigned Executive Patient Coordinator
  • Our Executive Patient Coordinator will then arrange the date and time of the welcome appointment with the enrolled client

Appointment Day

You will be greeted by our Executive Patient Coordinator in our main lobby and enjoy refreshments in our waiting area.  You will then meet with a medical practitioner (either nurse practitioner or physician) to review your medical questionnaire, additional medical history, medications and provide a general physical assessment.

If future specialist appointments, diagnostic tests, or other health related services appear to be warranted, these will be discussed. The Executive Medical Navigation program will then assist with coordination of these appointments as well as provide a liaison service between the client and their family physician.

Scope of Services

EMC has the ability to assist with the coordination and booking of a broad range of healthcare appointments/testing including: a wide range of medical specialist consultations, x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone density, endoscopy, cardiac testing, pulmonary function testing, sleep studies, hearing testing, eye examinations, dental exams, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, diet/nutritional counseling, fitness assessment, CT, MRI.

The above healthcare services are at the additional cost of the client unless covered by OHIP, deemed to be medically necessary and with a proper physician or nurse practitioner referral.

Limitation of Services

Our Executive Medical Navigation program provides no healthcare services, but rather is a navigational concierge service for its clients. Although EMC may contract/arrange appointments with a variety of healthcare personnel, including physicians and nurse practitioners, these providers provide healthcare as independent contractors, with their own insurance company coverage (e.g. for physicians CMPA).

The EMC role is strictly the arrangement of efficient appointments and support.

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